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Electric Vehicle Responses
Emergency Response Information (Tesla)
NFPA Electric Vehicle Emergency Field Guide (PDF)
Zone 1 Best Practices - Responding to Electric Vehicle Battery Hazards
Electric and Hybrid School Bus Information

EMT/EMS Information
Annual CPR and Quarterly Defib Form
King County EMS
WA Department of Health (EMT Recertification)
Airlift NW Protocols
CBT HPTM Lecture (Mandatory 2020)
CBT OBGYN Lecture (Mandatory 2020)
CBT Infectious Disease Lecture (Mandatory 2020)
CBT Provider Health (Mandatory 2020)

Firefighter Safety
Information about PIIERS
Register with PIIERS
Propane Explosion in Office Building

FireTrex Information
Ad Hoc Entry
FireTrex Cheat Sheet

King County/Washington State Resources
2020 Washington State Mob Plan
2014 Puget Sound Region Structure Collapse
2013 South Puget Sound Fire Defense Plan
FF I Skill Sheets (2020)
FF II Skill Sheets (2020)
King County MCI Plan
King County Model Procedures
NORCOM SOP - Fire Ground Emergency Communication

Leadership, Education & Development Materials
Engage Motivate Coach Develop (PPT)
Smart Goal Setting Worksheet
10 Rating Errors to Avoid
Effective Phrases
PIP Guidelines
Quarterly Performance Conversations
Smart Goals Worksheet

Mental Health | PEER Support
Suicide Prevention Resource Center
South King County Resource Center
All Clear Foundation
Video on FF Mental Health (3 minutes)
First Responders Support Network

NKCTC Forms & Rosters
Blank Roster (.xls)
Blank Roster (PDF)
NKCTC IAP Fillable Form (PDF)
NIMS ICS Forms Booklet (Supporting forms to NKCTC IAP)
PIA Form

NKCTC Newsletters | Work Plans
2Q 2022 Newsletter
1Q 2022 Newsletter
4Q 2021 Newsletter
3Q 2021 Newsletter
2Q 2021 Newsletter
1Q 2021 Newsletter
4Q 2020 Newsletter
3Q 2020 Newsletter
2Q 2020 Newsletter
2021 NKCTC Work Plan
2020 NKCTC Work Plan

NKCTC Probationary Firefighter Information
Annual Asbestos Awareness Training
Annual HIPAA Training

NKCTC Shared Information
2021 Truck Operations Summary Info
Tile Roof Information

NKCTC Tactical Training Resources
2Q 2022 Tactical Training Presentation (PDF) - Woodinville/Bothell
2Q 2022 Tactical Training Presentation (PDF) - Shoreline/Northshore
1Q 2022 Abandon Tactical
3Q 2021 Tactical Training Groups/Divisions TRT Scenarios (PDF)
1Q 2021 Tactical Training BC/LT/MSO/DIV CHIEF
4Q 2020 Tactical Training CO BC (PDF)
3Q 2020 Tactical Training CO Presentation
2Q 2020 Tactical Training CO Presentation
2Q 2020 Tactical Training BC Presentation
Initial Radio Report
Tactical Worksheet
First In Board
MVA Command Template
5 Over 1 Working Fire Worksheet

NKCTC Task Books | Guidelines | Manuals
NKCTC Tactical Guidelines (Formerly Best Practices)
NKCTC Firefighter Fundamentals Manual
NKCTC Driver Operator Task Book

Outside Resources
5-Minute Drill - Fire Engineering
Blue Card "Cheat Sheet"
Brothers in Battle Classes
Driver/Operator Skill Sheets
FFI Skill Sheets
FFII Skill Sheets
Fire Service Women Ontario - Training Opportunities
ICS Resource Center
NFPA 1001, 2019 Ed
NFPA 1006, 2017 Ed
NFPA 1403, 2018 Ed
NFPA 1407, 2020 Ed
NFPA 1410, 2020 Ed
NFPA 1451, 2018 Ed
NFPA 1670, 2017 Ed
NFPA 1710, 2020 Ed
NFPA Safety Stand Down
PSERN Radio Information
Vacant Building Fires - FEMA

Video Resources
Bothell Fire YouTube Videos
HazMat Solutions YouTube Channel
IFSTA YouTube Channel
E Shift Productions VIMEO Channel

Zone 1 Documents | Specialty Teams
IAP Fillable Form (PDF)
Eastside HazMat
HazMat Natural Gas Emergencies (PPT)
HazMat Natural Gas Response
HazMat Natural Gas Response Chart
HazMat Odor Fade in Natural Gas and Propane
KC Model Procedures 29 - Natural Gas Emergency Response
Rescue Systems 1 Manual (2020)
Rope Manual
Trench Manual
TRT Individual JPR Tracking Workbook
Zone 1 TRT